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Challa’s Counsel–We here at Challa’s Counsel strive to provide solutions to all your emotional, behavioral and psychological problems in a confidential and friendly environment. For the past 15 years, we have successfully dealt with a wide variety of cases across all age groups and all spheres of life, with clientele based in several countries.

Dr. Challa Subrahmanyam pioneered the application of Mano-PranaYoga Counselling to improve the overall wellbeing of an individual by identifying the impact of psychological stress on his physical health. We treat these disorders in individuals using Mano-PranaYoga techniques with zero use of psychiatric drugs. World over, we have been successful in resolving complex psychological conditions with the use of psychotherapy, counselling and Mano-PranaYoga.

Marital Counselling

Our Counselling Options

One to One Counselling

We offer one-to-one counselling in a highly confidential environment for adults and children alike on various issues, which will give you the opportunity to ventilate and find effective solutions in all the below mentioned areas:

Mano Pranayoga Counselling

Mano-Pranayoga Counselling is a form of Psychological Yoga devised exclusively by us which has proven to show quick results in resolving problems and to improve the quality of life by reducing stress, anxiety, agony etc.,

Tele Counselling

Telephone Counselling is similar to one-to-one counselling session except you’re talking to us over the phone.Tele counseling is a flexible option for those of you who are busy with your office, home and other commitments...

Online Counselling

Online counselling is similar to telephonic counselling, the difference being, you can contact us online through a video chat and avail our services. You will have to take an appointment 24 hours in advance...

Workshops for corporates/schools/colleges

We conduct a variety of workshops for adults, children, employees alike. Please check the workshops tab for more details.

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