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Dr Challa Subrahmanyam

  • Counselling Psychologist (Registered Medical Practitioner Alternative Medicine)
  • Qualification: LLB, MS-CP (India), Counselling Process (Australia)
  • Specialization: Family Counselling (Australia), Prana Yoga counselling
Marital Counselling

We here at Challa’s Counsel strive to provide solutions to all your emotional, behavioral and psychological problems in a confidential and friendly environment. For the past 15 years, we have successfully dealt with a wide variety of cases across all age groups and all spheres of life, with clientele based in several countries.

Dr. Challa Subrahmanyam pioneered the application of PranaYoga Counselling to improve the overall wellbeing of an individual by identifying the impact of psychological stress on his physical health. We treat these disorders in individuals using PranaYoga techniques with zero use of psychiatric drugs. World over, we have been successful in resolving complex psychological conditions with the use of psychotherapy, counselling and PranaYoga.

After travelling widely across the UK, USA, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, and studying the lives and relationships of people from all walks of life, we founded Challa’s Counsel in India in 2003 and have since been successfully reforming the lives of people battling various psychological and relationship-related troubles.

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