About Challa Subrahmanyam

Dr Challa Subrahmanyam

  • Counselling Psychologist (Registered Medical Practitioner Alternative Medicine)
  • Qualification: LLB, MS-CP (India), Counselling Process (Australia)
  • Specialization: Family Counselling (Australia), Prana Yoga counselling
Marital Counselling

Dr. Challa is a multi-faceted personality and a first in many fields. He successfully broke ground in a number of professions ranging from journalism, literature and film writing to family law, with his latest achievements being predominantly in the area of mental sciences. Dr Challa is a qualified and renowned psychologist and family counsellor. Irrespective of the field of function, he recognised the strong need to focus on the human condition and has dedicated his life towards bettering it.

With a master’s degree in journalism, Dr. Challa started his career as a journalist and a writer, pioneering research-oriented journalism in Telugu novel faculty with 50 novels and over 100 short stories to his credit. His works, which hauled attention to women’s causes and their emancipation, made him a favourite among the Telugu-speaking communities worldwide, with a readership of over 8 million people. In 1993, the Government of Andhra Pradesh honoured him with the highly coveted Nandi Award for Best Writer.

Alongside writing, he acquired a special LLB (Law) degree from Karnataka, and went on to practise family law in the High court of Andhra Pradesh. On the legal front too, not surprisingly, family problems, particularly concerning gender relationships were his forte. During his time as a lawyer, he closely observed the state and dynamics of relationships that were on the edge of collapse, and felt the incessant need to work towards deeper wellbeing of his clients, rather than limiting his advice to law. This inherent desire to improve the quality of people’s lives took him to the prestigious Australian National University, where he honed his counselling skills and acquired formal training in family counselling. He also served as an overseas lawyer in Australia while he pursued his masters in counselling and psychotherapy. Dr. Challa is a registered medical practitioner in Alternative Medicine from the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, Kolkata.

As a counsellor, Dr. Challa travelled extensively across the world and examined the intricate nature of human relationships in an array of cultures and ethnicities. Armed with his observations and insights into the hundreds of lives he studied in his travels, he returned home to devise a unique form of psychological counselling called “Pranayoga”. The composite method synthesises instruments of physiological wellbeing (such as yoga and meditation) on the one side, and classical psychology on the other, into an unfailing, scientifically rigorous system of rehabilitation, which centres on improving self-awareness and interpersonal relationships. Pranayoga has proved immensely successful in rebuilding the personalities and relationships of over a thousand families, couples and individuals. Dr. Challa is a favourite even with children, who benefit greatly from the simple techniques he employs to augment memory and concentration, and also his approach to dealing with their growing-up dilemmas.

Dr. Challa has dealt with and resolved virtually all major classes of problems involving the human condition, including (but not exclusive to) marital issues, sexuality and related concerns, personality troubles, career confusion, social anxieties and stress disorders. His uncanny ability to accurately assess an individual’s personality simply by observing his/her body language, voice modulation, choice of words and gestures, has been as much a spectacle as it is a confrontation of their personality, for many over the years. Today, over a thousand successful cases and resurrected lives stand testimony to Dr Challa’s expertise in all matters concerning the human mind.

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