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Counselling the Adolescents

Counselling the Adolescents

Childhood and the teen yeras are the stages in life in which specific developmental milestones are reached and enormous amount of growth and development takes place. In childhood children are learning about their place within the family, their school, socially, children are leraning to interact with people and behaviour, and this can be a challenging time for children and parents alike.

The teen years bring a range of new challenges as children begin the transition to adult hood but are still developing maturity and beginning to work out their own sense of self in the world. As adolescents start to expand their horizons and move into the adult world, a range of challenges crop up, for themselves and their parents.

Our counsellors are highly experienced in working with children, teenagers and their families if required, to facilitate understanding of the unique issues they bring to counselling. The issues may range from deviant social behaviour, issues concerning school, difficult relationship between children or adolescents and other family members. Promoting respectful and workable relationship is an integral part of our counselling where we help them and their parents through the challenges of this life stage.

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